ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing 4"x 4" Single Dressing AWD-5-1010
ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing 4"x 4" Single Dressing AWD-5-1010

ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing 4"x 4" Single Dressing AWD-5-1010

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ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive is the one and only "Any Wound" dressing. It is a highly comfortable multi-functional wound dressing for moist healing of chronic or acute wounds and burns with ANY exudate level - from copiously exuding wounds to dry ones. 

The dressing provides SUPERIOR drainage management, it is able to absorb and lock in huge amount of exudate when needed: Size 6"x6" dressing holds up to 350 ml (11.8oz) with extraordinary vertical absorption and reliable fluid lock-in function, no leakage under pressure applied, the dressing may be used with compression

Smart self-adaptive material uses feedback from the wound and works for each part of a wound individually. It absorbs and locks exudate from exuding parts of the wound while hydrates dry parts as necessary. Prevents skin maceration.

Hydrating function works for dry wounds. Supports continuous autolytic debridement, removes slough from the wound.

Enluxtra MUST OVERLAP the wound by .75" MINIMUM.
Dressing may be trimmed to accommodate the body parts, but it is not recommended to cut the dressing into pieces due to economical reasons - the performance of dressing may be altered.

Choosing the correct size is absolutely critical for dressing performance.

Use the table below to choose the right size:
Enluxtra size 4"x4" - use on wound size under 2 1/3"
Enluxtra size 6"x6" - use on wound size under 4 1/3"

Enluxtra application size may be increased by adhering two or more dressings together using medical tape. 

Enluxtra dressing is non-adhesive and can be secured in place using medical tape, stretch gauze or similar.  Enluxtra is hypoallergenic, latex free, bio-inert, non-toxic, contains no active medications, and causes no side effects when used correctly.

Enluxtra works for most wounds. With its variable local functionality and super-absorbency, Enluxtra works equally well for wounds of any etiology, any stage - from earliest to latest, and any wound drainage level - from minimal to the highest​.

Enluxtra is especially useful for pressure ulcers in any stagenon-healing chronic woundspostoperative wound complicationsdiabetic ulcersheavily draining wounds, venous ulcers, thermal, chemical and radiation burns, wounds with slough and/or necrosiswounds caused by sickle cell anemia,  and many other types of wounds.