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ENLUXTRA 4"x4" Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing (Box of 10)

ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing is the first and only self-regulating, super-absorbent fiber dressing with localized adaptive absorbency and built-in localized adaptive hydration function.

Utilizing proprietary feedback-driven "Smart" polymers, ENLUXTRA senses the wound and automatically adapts to suit the wound's exact needs.

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Recommended Wound Types

ENLUXTRA "Smart" Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing works well on ALL wounds.

ENLUXTRA is recommended for use on pressure ulcers in any stage, non-healing chronic wounds, postoperative wound complications, diabetic ulcers, heavily draining wounds, venous ulcers, thermal, chemical and radiation burns, wounds with slough and/or necrosis, wounds caused by sickle cell anemia, and many other types of wounds.

*Not suitable for wounds with heavy arterial bleeding.

See how ENLUXTRA Self-Adapts


How Enluxtra Treats & Heals

ENLUXTRA is Hypoallergenic

Enluxtra is latex-free, silver-free and does not contain any active medications. Enluxtra is a non-cytotoxic and hypoallergenic product. Does not contain any animal and biological ingredients. Adverse reactions are extremely rare.

  • Senses and Self-Adapts

    Utilizing proprietary feedback-driven "Smart" polymers, ENLUXTRA senses the wound and automatically self-adapts to suit the wound's exact needs.

    ​Due to ENLUXTRA's superior absorbency, it is able to soak up and lock in a very large amount of exudate, while protecting the wound from both maceration and desiccation.

  • Painless Autolytic Debridement

    Unlike other moist dressings, ENLUXTRA continuously evacuates necrotic tissue, slough, harmful microorganisms, and disintegrated biofilms from the wound bed. As a result, ENLUXTRA helps clean and maintain a clean wound, which is critical for faster wound healing.

  • Clinical Evidence

    ENLUXTRA has an extensive library of well-documented clinical studies.

    To view in-depth clinical studies, please visit the Clinical Evidence page (new page will open).

    To view a list of Case Studies filtered by wound type, visit the ENLUXTRA Case Studies page (new page will open).

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