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Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressings now available for online purchase.

Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressings

ENLUXTRA Smart Self-Adaptive Dressing is the first and only self-regulating super-absorbent dressing with localized adaptive absorbency and built-in localized adaptive hydration function. The dressing utilizes patented smart polymers for sensing the underlying tissue conditions and adapting local functions accordingly.

ENLUXTRA's patented technology continuously monitors and neutralizes the factors that may impede wound healing, cause wound deterioration and further complications.

ENLUXTRA is safe! Enluxtra is made of proprietary feedback-driven smart polymers. Hypoallergenic, latex-free, bioinert, non-toxic, silver-free, and contains no active medications.

About Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Dressings

Enluxtra Self-Adaptive wound dressings work for most wounds! With its variable local functionality and super-absorbency, Enluxtra works equally well for wounds of any etiology, any stage - from earliest to latest, and any wound drainage level - from minimal to highly exuding.

Enluxtra is especially useful for pressure ulcers in any stagenon-healing chronic woundspostoperative wound complicationsdiabetic ulcersheavily draining wounds, venous ulcers, thermal, chemical and radiation burns, wounds with slough and/or necrosiswounds caused by sickle cell anemia, and many other types of wounds.

Enluxtra is safe! Enluxtra is made of proprietary feedback-driven smart polymers. It is hypoallergenic, latex-free, bio-inert, non-toxic, contains no active medications and causes no side effects when used correctly.

Enluxtra senses the underlying tissue's physical conditions, adapts its local function to provide optimal treatment for all different wound zones simultaneously, effectively evacuates disintegrated non-viable tissues from the wound. Due to its superior absorbency Enluxtra is able to absorb massive amounts of exudate from the wound, while protecting the wound from both maceration and desiccation. Optimally moist environment supports effective natural cleansing of the whole wound via the process known as autolytic debridement.

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